Portable Kneepads

ProDeluxe Kneepad Standard Kneepad Strike Zone Kneepad
ProDeluxe KneepadStandard KneepadStrike Zone Kneepad
ProDeluxe Kneepad - The pad that started it all! 5 X 7 playing surface features EnduraflexTM playing surface, shock absorbing padded saddle for extra comfort and fully adjustable strap and buckle. Recommended for all styles, Jazz to Heavy Metal....

Standard Kneepad - 5 X 7 playing surface. The Standard Kneepad offers a streamlined version of the ProDeluxe with EnduraflexTM playing surface. Weighs less than 8 oz and has louder stick articulations. General purpose practicing jazz to rock.

Strike Zone Kneepad - 5 inch round kneepad with 2 inch circular Strike Zone in center of pad. Nylon web strap and adjustable buckle for a snug fit. Features EnduraflexTM. Great for drummers of all styles. Play in the Zone!

Hooked Pad
Hooked Pad
Hooked 3x5 inch oval EnduraflexTM playing surface inside of its own carrying case which opens out to a kneepad with adjustable strap. Small enough to fit into your pocket, big enough for a great workout. Carrying case has a 12 inch nickel twist...